Looking for easy & fast citizenship option ? Obtain Citizenship via investment starting at $ 150,000.

About Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean nation and it is recognised as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world . Consists of over 80 separate islands, It is nested in the south Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia and New Zealand with an area of 1300 Kilometres.

The Capital of Vanuatu is Port Villa and national language is Bislama , French & English . In the recent years, Vanuatu is considered to be a financial center in the backyard of New Zealand & Australia. The Economic base of Vanuatu is Agriculture as exchange of various products happens between the island and European population i.e Coffee, Cocoa Beans, Coconuts .


Investment Options

Vanuatu Offers one of the best citizenship by investment programs in the world. The Government of Vanuatu has reduced to citizenship cost from $ 220,000 to $ 150,000 to attract HNIs & Investors and for people who are looking for a better life. In addition to this, the Vanuatu passport gives visa-free travel to more than 125 countries including the UK, Europe and Singapore. According to the DSP Regulation order no 45 & 46 under the citizenship act by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Following are the investment options:-

  • Single applicant-$150,000 USD
  • Main applicant and spouse -$170,000 USD
  • Family of 3 (Main applicant, spouse, & 1 child) -$185,000 USD
  • Family of 4 (Main applicant, spouse, & 2 children) -$205,000 USD
  • For each additional qualifying dependent -$25,000 USD

Due Diligence Fees (USD) –$5,000 USD – per application

Key benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

  • Easy & Simple Procedure
  • Fast Process (Appx 4 Months)
  • No English, Age, Education and Experience requirement
  • Visa-free travel to more than 125 countries including Europe, the UK , Hong Kong, and Singapore
  • No worldwide Tax
  • Dual citizenship allowed*(Only for selected countries)
  • Easy filing process
  • Inclusion of dependent children 25 years and under and dependent parents 65 years and above
  • Stable & peaceful country
  • Global Freedom
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