Study In UK

When it comes to quality of education, it is quite hard for other countries to compete with the UK.

Study In UK

Thinking Of Joining The Top Global Universities? Why Not Study In The UK?

When it comes to quality of education, it is quite hard for other countries to compete with the UK. The UK offers superior quality education in the field of commerce, science, engineering, designing, and art. Besides, has a lot of good and reputed colleges and universities, offering courses like finance, business and management, and law. As per the report, the UK contributes around 9percent to world scientific publications.

The education system that the UK follows can greatly positively influence your future. It is the education system of the UK which attracts around 650,000 to 700,000 students’ very years to get enrolled in different courses. It is the only educational system which lets you amalgamate subjects and courses from two to more fields. So that you can have a better career option in your future, but to enjoy all these benefits you must have a valid UK student visa with you.  It is quite easy to get. All you need to follow some simple instructions to get one for you.


  • Different types of student visa
  • Requirements
  • Benefits
  1. If you are more than 18 years old and want to do a short term course, you can apply for a short-term study visa for the UK. Such visa comes with a validity period of six months. However, in some cases, you can extend the validity to 11 months. But this is possible in case if you are doing an English language program.
  2. For pursuing a longer course, you will have to choose the UK institutes which have a Tier 4 Sponsor License. If you want, you can apply for a Tier 4 student visa. This is applicable if you are 4 to 17 years old and want to enroll yourself under an autonomous school in the UK. Another choice is you can go for a Tier 4 student visa, also known as general student visa if you are aged 16 years and above.

Generally, the program or course providers can provide you with necessary assistance to apply and get a student visa to study in the UK. You can also apply for the student visa, before the three months of starting date of your course. All you need to check the processing time for a visa in your country. To avoid any issues, prefer to give a lot of time to this. One thing that you must know about the student visa is these are awarded based on the point system. To get the student visa, you need to submit the following things:

  • Your passport details.
  • Your recent photograph (passport size).
  • An unconditional offer of an institute or college by a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor.
  • A valid proof from the course or program providers, i.e., a CAS- Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.
  • A proof that can prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the English language. For this, you need to clear the SELT- Secure English Language tests. However, if you are from a country with native language English, there is no need to provide this. Similarly, if you have done a course that is similar to a UK degree in an English-speaking country, you don’t need to submit the SELT certificate.
  • A proof that can show that you will get adequate financial support during your stay.
  • If you are applying for any sensitive subjects, you need to submit the ATAS certificate- Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate.
  • The UK houses some best internationally recognized universities. The courses are recognized by global universities, top employers and government bodies.
  • The UK follows top-standard and quality education system which is voted as the best across the world.
  • The UK education system offers you great opportunities such as language skill improvement and combining various subjects into a single course.
  • The universities in the UK let the students do part-time job and internship which will get added in their CV.
  1. All you need a UK Tier 4 General student visa to carry out your study in the UK.

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