Pre-landing Services

Moving from one country to another call for a number of processes and procedures to be completed. The task is particularly challenging when it comes to settling in some other country. Immigration formalities, visa clearances, interviews, job placements and other aspects related to the settlement, the whole process is lengthy as well as tedious. Therefore, in order to seamlessly let you through the entire process, we offer comprehensive pre-landing and post-landing services.


Pre-Landing Immigration Services

As part of our pre-landing services, we:-

  1. Provide assistance to clients for getting their qualifications assessed or evaluated from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration.
  2. Provide comprehensive advice to clients regarding the immigration laws that are in force. We also inform our clients of any changes that are introduced in immigration laws in force and advise them of any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria.
  3. Offer professional guidance to clients regarding their intended occupation in the destination country.
  4. Provide detailed basic information to clients about the destination country.
  5. Conduct Employment Readiness Course to prepare, orient and condition our clients for early settlement in the destination country after the client has either cleared the Interview at the processing visa office or has got Interview Waiver for immigration to the destination country.
  6. Offer full assistance for preparing resume as per international standard format as required by employers.
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