Study In New Zealand

New Zealand follows UK based educational system and that makes it a preferred education destination for international education aspirants.

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand: A preferred education destination for international students

New Zealand follows UK based educational system and that makes it a preferred education destination for international education aspirants. As per an assessment by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Educating for the Future Index 2018, the education system of New Zealand is ranked number 1 in the world in terms of in educating students for the future. QS World University Rankings 2018 have ranked all the New Zealand universities amongst the top 3 per cent in the world. In addition, New Zealand universities are also ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide in 39 of 46 subjects. The educational qualifications conferred by New Zealand universities are internationally recognized.


List of documents required

For securing New Zealand study visa and seeking admission in the desired institute and programme in New Zealand, it is important to make sure that the basic requirements are being met. The following documents are essential for the same:-

  • Documents required for admission
  1. All academic documents till date.
  2. A minimum IELTS/TOEFL score of 5.5/6.0 for diploma, 6.0 for Bachelors and 6.5 for Masters.
  4. Work experience, if any.
  5. University/College Application form.
  • Documents required for visa
  1. Passport or other travel document.
  2. Offer letter from the College or University.
  • Financial documents
  1. Financial Undertaking Form(s).
  2. Affidavit(s) of Support from guarantor(s).
  3. Letter(s) of authorization from the guarantor(s) authorizing Immigration New Zealand for verifying their financial documents on their behalf.
  4. Evidence of funds to be provided by the students upfront for the duration of the courses which encompasses two academic years or less, including the living expenses (NZ $ 15,000/- per annum).
  5. Sanction letter of educational loan from a nationalised or multinational bank only.
  6. Bank statements for the past 6 months.
  7. Fixed Deposits.
  8. Public Provident Fund (PPF) Accounts or Employers Provident Fund (EPF) Accounts.
  9. Post Office Accounts and/or National Saving Certificates (if any) are required to be disbursed into saving account of an acceptable financial institution.
  • Other documents
  1. Medical Certificate
  2. Police Clearance Certificate
  3. Student Visa application form along with the supplementary information form. The application must be accompanied by an unconditional offer of place to study at a New Zealand University in an eligible programme of study.
  4. Photograph
  5. Visa application fees
  6. Covering letter
  7. Educational certificates (with translations if required)
  8. English language requirement
  9. Evidence of Employment

Costs incurred in lieu of studying and living in New Zealand

  • The tuition fees for a particular course, say a post graduate degree or for instance, a short-term English language course, varies depending upon factors such as the type of course, the institute where the students wants to study, the duration of the course, etc.
  • For those students who want to study in New Zealand for more than a year, it is mandatory to have at least NZ$ 15,000/- to support their stay in the country for first year. In case a student opts for a course whose duration happens to be less than a year, he or she ought to have at least NZ$1,250/- for each month of study in order to contribute to the cost of living.

Scholarships for international students

An increasing number of Indian students show interest in the education imparted by New Zealand universities every year. As a matter of fact, the number of Indian students enrolled in New Zealand Universities has grown by 19 per cent in the year 2017. New Zealand offers the following scholarship schemes for international students:-

  • The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) – Co-sponsored by the New Zealand Government, this award is a prestigious scholarships initiative award scheme that is run exclusively for Indian students to study at New Zealand’s world-class universities. It offers:-
  1. A total of 34 scholarships for studying at any one of New Zealand’s universities. This scheme has more than NZ$ 215,000/- (1 crore INRs approximately) available.
  2. 9 undergraduate and 25 Postgraduate awards providing a contribution towards course fees.

Benefits of studying in New Zealand

  • The education system of New Zealand is renowned for preparing students for a global career.
  • The teaching and curriculum at the universities and institutes of New Zealand is industry oriented.
  • The curriculum framework of New Zealand universities has been designed in such a way so as to encourage students to experiment and to deliver new, creative solutions to problems.
  • A majority of New Zealand universities and institutes have adopted advanced technologies for imparting education to students. More than 98 percent of theeducation institutions of New Zealand are connected to fast and uncapped broadband connections.
  • New Zealand has one of the most generous post-study work policies in the world. As a matter of fact, the New Zealand Government in 2018introduced a three-year open post-study work visa for all international students studying Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees and PhD qualifications.
  • When studying, students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week during term time and during holidays, they can work up to 40 hours a week.
  • The educational programmes of New Zealand universities offer students global career opportunities. A number of institutions of New Zealand offer ’work-ready’ programmes and internships. This, in effect, ensuresthat students can connect with New Zealand based firms and multinational companies.
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