Post-Landing Services

When one migrates to a new country, the process of immigration constitutes just about 50 percent of the entire process of transition. Apart from satisfactorily completing the immigration procedure and formalities, a lot of other preparations are also required to be completed. We don’t just help our clients in the immigration procedure but we also extend our services to them for the remaining 50 percent of the process. Such services include comprehensive and customized settlement and placement to help you settle in the country of your choice.

We provide complete assistance for the settlement of our clients by means of grooming them for the job market in their country of destination and thereafter finding a job for them after they land in the country.


Our post landing services include:-

  1. Providing our clients with a list of potential employers along with thorough information regarding licensing or professional registration requirements and the exams to be taken in order to obtain a license and registration in any of these countries. Besides, our experts also provide information about effective job search techniques, professional licensing and registrations, and preparation of licensing exams. All this helps our clients in early settlement.
  2. Once our client lands in the destination country, his or her airport pickup is taken care of by us. For those clients who retain our guest house services,we also provide subsidized rooms at Welcome Homes against charges. Further, we also help our clients in opening a bank account, securing a credit card, obtaining a driving license, Government Card, getting insurance and finding education institutes for children.
  3. In order to guide you about living in the destination country, the social life and the culture there, their banking system, system of education, health and life insurance, health services, travelling etc, our counsellors organize advanced orientation sessions which are aimed at helping our clients acclimatize to life abroad without wasting their valuable time.

Apart from our pre-landing and post-landing services, we also provide the following services:-

  1. We provide comprehensive assistance to our clients while preparing their case for immigration.
  2. For Permanent Residency in the chosen country, we administer a detailed assessment of the applicant’s education, professional skills or training and his work experience.
  3. All the requisite supporting documents needed for submission are identified and reviewed by us.
  4. We submit our clients’ complete case along with the documentation, the supporting evidence.
  5. All the correspondence with the processing Visa Office with regard to the client’s case is handled by us. We also intimate the requirements sent by the processing Visa Office during the progress of the immigration case.
  6. At every stage such as on receipt of the file number, prior to the interview, during the medical, obtaining of landing papers etc, we extend counselling services to our clients. As and when required, our counselling services are available to our clients on other immigration related matters also.
  7. We fully assist our clients in keeping their files up-to-date.
  8. Through various counselling sessions at the branch level as well as at the head office level, we extend full assistance to our clients in interview preparation at the Visa Processing Post.
  9. We ensure timely issuance of Visa to the client by monitoring the case throughout the processing.
  10. For any possible troubling issues that could arise during the course of the processing, we take pre-emptive measures and thus save our clients’ valuable time as well as finances.
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