Company Formation in the USA

Opening a company in the USA is a dream of millions of investors , USA is one of the best countries to start or exand business. We will let you know about forming a company in the USA as a Non – US Resident . If you have a desire to open a company in the USA but don’t have time to visit the USA , then we can help in , we are just a call away . Now You can start your company in just 24 hours. Opening a company in the USA increases credibility of your company and also you can explore and get the access of US Market.

Why incorporate in Delaware?

Delaware is a great & the best place to start a business because of number of benefits for the investors and start ups. More than 900,000 companies have chosen Delaware as business hub which includes US & Offshore companies . The reason why Start up entrepreneurs have decided to open a business in Delaware is because of favourable tax benefits . One of the major benefits is no sales tax in the state of Delaware. In addition to this , there is no state corporate income tax on goods or services provided by the company operating outside the state. No State property tax and very low local real property tax. Not only this , Delaware does not have value-added taxes & No taxes on business transactions.


Type of Companies Available in the USA

  • LLC
  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation
  • Non Profit
  • DBA
About Lmited Liablity Companies (LLC)

Limited Liability Company is very popular among investors and especially start up owners because of number of reasons such as LLC Provides a support to business owners from being personally liable for the business debts and also help/provide protections of personal assets .

Why Choose an LLC ?

  • Fast company registration Process
  • Easy filing
  • Personal asset Protection
  • Less number of Formalities
  • Flexibility
About C Corporation

C Corporations are separately taxable entities. This type of corporations file a corporate tax returns and further pay tax as per income at the corporate level . In addition to this, there is a possibility that Corporation may face double taxation only if the income generated by the corporate is divided/distributed among business owners as dividends as dividends will be considered as personal income .

Advantages of C Corporation

A C corporation can sell unlimited number of ownership shares and only C Corporation is the type of the company which can go public. However , it is imperative to mention that this type of corporation get taxed at higher level because it has to pay corporate and personal income tax. But there are some great advantages such as protection of personal assets. Also , C Corporation can also deduct the cost of medical programs for the employees including the premium paid.

Why choose a C Corp?

  • Flexibility
  • Personal asset Protection
  • Unlimited Owners
  • Can raise capital
  • Can Sell Shares
About S Corporation

S Corporation is a type of corporation that pays no income tax at the corporate level. The Profit and the losses of business comes under S Corporation will go through the business and reflect on the personal income tax incomes of owners of the business which means if any tax is due , it will be paid by the owners at individual level. In order to become an S Corporation in the USA , Investor has to go through a filing process i.e Applicant will have to file form 2553 with the IRS. However, the Instructions of IRS is bit tough to follow . To become an S corporation, you must file Form 2553 with the IRS.

Advantages of S Corporation

The most popular and notable benefit of S Corporation is that their pass through tax which actually help investors /start up owners to reduce their tax liability. In addition to this , owners can also divide /distribute the stock but this is applicable on limited number of owners .

Why choose an S Corp?

  • Flexibility
  • Pass through Taxation
  • Personal asset Protection
  • Unlimited Owners
  • Limited options to sell shares

About Non Profit Corporation

The Non Profit Corporation is a special form of business structure , planned in such a way to benefit some of the companies that have the main aim to service the public. These type of corporations can also accept donations from anyone in order to serve the public and help people. Majority of donations are tax exempted and also they can raise capital .

Why choose a Nonprofit?

  • Donations are allowed and Corporations can accept donations
  • Tax-Exempt Status
  • Can Raise capital through grants
  • Personal Asset Protection
About DBA

DBA allows a business to operate under a specific name .DBA Stands for doing business and it is also famous as trade name , assumed name and fictitious name . Also , Applicant will need to get a DBA only if you have plan to start/conduct business using a different name than filed in LLC or Corporation paperwork.

Advantages of DBS

  • Promote the Brand
  • Open Financial accounts
  • Increased the credibility of the company
  • Can have multiple names such companies can run separate business / branding campaigns .

Top Services & Solutions for Non-US residents

  • Company Registration in Just 24 Hours.
  • Bank Account
  • Virtual Address
  • Tax ID & Consultation
  • US Phone Line
  • Free Name Check
  • Support
  • Competitive Price
  • Preparation of Articles of Organization
  • Dedicated Business Specialist
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Online Access to Your Corp Documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Delivery of Documents

Top Business in the USA

  • Amazon Seller
  • Dropshipping
  • Start ups
  • E-Commerce
  • IT Services
  • Web Developers
  • Free lancers
  • Consultants
  • Technical Support
  • Import
  • Export


Yes . The government of Delaware allows foreigner to form a company without visiting USA .

We are trusted and established firm with expertise in the field of company formation . We offer truthful services to the clients , if you are unsuccessful forming a company in the USA , you will get 100% refund back .

Your total cost may vary and depend upon lot of factors , the exact cost can be provided by our company formation expert . However , to give you an idea about the estimated cost can be $ 899 - $ 999 plus additional cost may be involved in case of corporation /LLC .

There will be two ongoing annual fees . A) State government fee can vary from $ 250-300 .B) Registered agent fee can be $ 199 per year.

As per norms and regulation of the Delaware government , Both LLC & Corporation will have to appoint and maintain a registered agent in Delaware. The Registered agent can be used for several purposes such as receiving legal notice. We can provide the registered agent with additional cost.

An EIN is like a SSN (Social Security Number) for your company. You aren't required to set up an EIN, however if you are going to open a bank account , then you need an EIN number .

Yes . The restricted countries are Syria , Sudan , North Korea, Iran , Iraq, Libya and Cuba .

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