US EB-5 Program

USA Green Card

Permanently settling in the United States of America (USA) is the wish of many across the globe.The main reason behind it is the fact that USA, besides being one of the best economies of the world, has an excellent system of education, high standards of living andstate-of-the-art business infrastructure. If you too wish to settle in USA, the first step that you ought to take is obtaining a US Green Card.

US EB-5 Program

The United States Employment-Based (Category) 5Program or US EB-5 Program, as it is popularly known, was introduced in 1990 with the aim of strengthening the economy of the United States by creating new jobs and investment of foreign investors.This program offers an exclusive category of immigration Visa to foreign High Net worth investors.

Based on a qualifying US investment, the EB 5 Visaapproves an applicant for a Green Card before immigration to the country. Under this program, an applicant needs to invest US $1 Million in general or US $ 500,000 in a Regional Center Project approved by the US CISbased on proposals for promoting economic growth.


A Regional Center

Any organization, agency or entity that has been approved as such by the US CIS constitutes a Regional Center. Such centers are eligible to receive immigrant investor capital of US $ 500,000. The investors in regional centers can hire 10 employees and, thus, create job positions directly or indirectly. The focus of such regional centers is on specific geographic areas within the United States and they seek to promote economic growth to creations of new jobs,increase export productivity and increase domestic capital investment.

Regional Center Projects: Benefits of using them

  1. The investor could be a professional, a business person or even a retiree.
  2. Day-to-day management not required.
  3. The investor can live and work anywhere in USA.
  4. The 10 jobs created from the investment can be direct or indirect.


  1. Investment of US $ 500,000 in a Government approved Regional Center.
  2. The source of investment ought to be legal.
  3. Age, education, prior business experience no bar.
  4. Knowledge of English Language not mandatory.
  5. Good health of the applicant is a must.
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